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Gutter Cleaning

Vancouver Gutter Cleaning

For residential buildings, Bumblebee Window & Exterior Cleaning Ltd offers gutter cleaning services in Richmond, Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland. Our fleet of vehicles carries a variety of heavy duty wet/dry vacuums specially designed for gutter cleaning. These vacuums range in size from 5-gallon easy-to-move units to our custom built, truck-mounted 55-gallon vacuum system that allows us to effectively clean gutters up to 300 feet away from the truck.

Vacuuming the insides of your gutters instead of cleaning them by hand allows us to get 100% of the dirt and grime out. This helps to alleviate weight and stress on your gutters from mud left behind when they are cleaned by hand only. After we clean the insides of your gutters, we also scrub all the faces and downpipes of the gutters using the Tucker Pole system and, where needed, using eco-friendly bio-degradable detergent. 

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We guarantee your gutters to be clog-free for 3 months after we have cleaned them. Should any clogs or overflows arise within that period, we will be happy to address them free of charge.

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