Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices

We care about the environment. For this reason we provide our services with NONTOXIC products to keep you and your family safe from the traditional cleaning products. We won’t compromise cleaning quality while helping your health and the environment.

eco friendly window cleaningState-of-the-art technology, old world craftsmanship and cutting edge techniques make us leaders in the industry.
We are committed to being a green leader in all aspects of its business practices. From constantly striving to be the eco-friendly leader of the exterior cleaning industry, to limiting the use of detergents at all wherever possible, to eco lighting in our shops and efficient state-of-the art machinery.

It’s not a simple manner of just recycling detergent bottles and composting dirt and debris from gutters. But we do that too. Such commitment, effort and innovations are what makes us leaders and pioneers in our industry. We believe that our customers, employees and their families should not be exposed to chemicals. A radical reduction in the use of chemicals is an important step to improve the health of our planet and quality of life.

We are professional, experienced window cleaners who service commercial, strata, post-construction and residential properties. We provide top quality service using non-toxic and non-allergenic products.